RPG Group Unveils First-of-its-Kind Study in India on Gen Z’s Happiness at Workplace

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RPG Group Unveils First-of-its-Kind Study in India on Gen Z’s Happiness at Workplace.

RPG Group today unveiled its groundbreaking research report that delves into the significance of happiness for Gen Z, the future workforce. This first extensive research, done in association with Yuvaa Insights Studio, spanned 13 Indian cities and was commissioned with the aim of understanding what happiness truly means to Gen Z and how corporates can revolutionize their approach to offer efficient working environments.

Cracking the Gen Z Happiness CodeGenZ@work,  this research paper represents a transformative endeavour to shed light on the unique challenges and aspirations faced by the youngest members of the workforce. The team behind this endeavour conducted in-depth interviews with individuals between the ages of 18 and 25, delving into a wide range of subjects including value systems, goals, lifestyles, and career preferences. By synthesizing these insights, the research paper establishes a comprehensive framework of 150 criteria that define happiness for the Gen Z

Earlier in the week and as a lead-up to the research unveil, RPG launched a one-of-a-kind film about red flags in interviews. Targeted at Gen Z, it is a satirical take on interviews and what to say “no” to, in toxic interviews. RPG’s loud and clear message to the future workforce in the film is “Ask for more!” 

Here’s the YouTube link to the film https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkDkVoL9B44

Mr. Harsh Goenka, Chairman, of RPG Group shared, “This study serves as a guide for leaders, HR professionals, and individuals to respond proactively to Gen Z’s dynamic expectations and desires. This is an opportunity to redesign workplaces that inspire, invigorate, and extract the optimum from our emerging talent. Equipped with a rich repository of insights and discoveries, we are sharing this knowledge so that it helps not just to cultivate a happier and more engaged workforce, but to unlock their latent potential and harness their innovative prowess. This is our bit to engage our young folks better so that they can contribute more to the success of our nation.”

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The research aligns with RPG’s brand identity of ‘Hello Happiness’. The decision to explore this subject underscore the group’s belief that people are their greatest asset and the happiness of their workforce is their greatest strength. The RPG group asserts through this report that comprehending and responding to the unique needs of Gen Z is a catalyst for a dynamic, engaged work ecosystem where Gen Z is not just a participant, but a trendsetter.

This study stands as a testament to the meticulous effort and exploration invested, unearthing several key findings that are both enlightening and motivating. Foremost, it emphasizes the utmost importance of acknowledging and empathizing with the struggles, values, and beliefs that shape Gen Z. Furthermore, it illuminates the necessity of breaking down power silos, glass ceilings, and bureaucratic barriers within organizations to foster a culture that aligns with the evolving times and the values of the incoming workforce.

One crucial aspect unveiled by the research is the imperative need to create a safe space that values authenticity and empowers Gen Z employees. The research paper emphasizes the significance of making them feel integral to the larger purpose, providing guidance, and offering mentorship to support them in achieving their goals. Moreover, the research highlights the vital importance of prioritizing the holistic well-being of employees above the relentless pursuit of targets and profits. It calls upon organizations to bridge the communication gap by integrating the communication styles of Gen Z, while simultaneously providing unwavering support for their vision and helping them seize every moment.

The research report also sheds light on the unique context and challenges faced by Gen Z, emphasizing the imperative for organizations to equip them with the necessary tools to navigate the chaos and conflicting societal values that surround them. The driving principle of social justice for all emerges as Gen Z’s core motivation, embodying their ardent desire to be the voice of change.

The unveiling of the in-depth research report was spearheaded by none other than RPG Group Chairman, Mr. Harsh Goenka, at the momentous event hosted at RPG House on 14th July – aptly named “Cracking the Gen Z Happiness Code”. Serving as a powerful catalyst for change, this research paper calls upon leaders, HR professionals, and individuals alike to embrace the evolving expectations and desires of Gen Z and to create workplaces that not only inspire and motivate but also unleash the boundless potential of the young talent within our midst.

Mr. S ‘Venky’ Venkatesh, President, Group HR, RPG Group said, “Understanding and nurturing the happiness of GenZ at the workplace is not just a choice; it is an imperative for any organization committed to continuous success. I firmly believe that by channeling our resources into research on GenZ’s happiness pulse, we are investing in the very essence of our company’s culture and creating an inclusive, engaging, and purpose-driven workplace.”

With this first-of-its-kind research paper in the country, RPG aims to create a collective movement that drives corporate India to new heights of success by unlocking the full potential and innovative spirit of Gen Z.

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