Schoolnet and YuWaah at UNICEF partner to help India’s youth achieve their dreams / aspirations

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Schoolnet and YuWaah at UNICEF partner to hel

Schoolnet and YuWaah at UNICEF partner to help India’s youth achieve their dreams / aspirations.

Schoolnet India Ltd., a unique, innovative, and leading EdTech company, today announced its partnership with YuWaah at UNICEF to connect Indian young people with aspirational work opportunities and engage them as active changemakers. YuWaah has come together with public, private sector partners and young people to establish a network to catalyze this impact.

YuWaah (Generation Unlimited in India) at UNICEF is a globally and locally incubated platform hosted with UNICEF as a multi stakeholder partnerships platform. Their aim is to connect around 100 million Indian youth with aspirational economic opportunities for productive lives and future employment, facilitate 200 mn young people to gain relevant skills for productive lives and the future of work.  And engage 300 million young people as active changemakers and create spaces for their leadership development by 2030.

Through the partnership, Schoolnet will take on an active role in supporting YuWaah to meet our common   goals within the larger mandates of respective organizations. Together we will work to leverage the existing mainstreamed initiatives of both organisations at the national and state level. This will enable us to co-create and implement solutions at scale to tackle the employment, skilling, and civic participation challenges faced by young people of India.

Commenting on the collaboration, RCM Reddy, Managing Director and CEO, Schoolnet: “We are delighted to be associated with YuWaah at UNICEF and look forward to a fruitful collaboration that is aimed at giving our youth a better future.  We are optimistic that this collaboration for joint advocacy would enable us to engage with the larger youth ecosystem, resulting in better opportunities for their growth.”

Our collaboration with Schoolnet is aligned on the mission to ensure learning, skilling for young people. We together hope to find the right opportunities for young people on a pathway of better socio economic opportunities added Dhuwarakha Sriram, Chief of Generation Unlimited, Adolescent/Youth Development and partnerships at UNICEF.

Schoolnet’s focus will be on working with vulnerable populations, including young people with special needs, youth leaving care institutions, migrant youth and victims of child labour, violence, child marriage, trafficking, etc. Schoolnet will also share content, digital tools, and best practices that will aid in bridging the skills gap among India’s youth. It will also engage in the amplification of access to career guidance and awareness by leveraging technical expertise and its tools. The two will additionally collaborate on joint advocacy programmes to engage the larger ecosystem working on career guidance and skill development.

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