Shabad Parikrama, Improv Comedy, Lay Shikhar & The Voice Within, among Abhivyakti’s power packed acts for the day

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‘Shabad Parikrama’, ‘Improv Comedy’, ‘Lay Shikhar’ & ‘The Voice Within’, among Abhivyakti’s power packed acts for the day. Mystical performances and entertaining acts – UNM Foundation’s Abhivyakti has been delivering consistently over the last couple of days. Today, it presented another line up of power packed productions, celebrating the artistic expressions of various performers.

Paying tribute to the folk music of different states and nationalities, Hardik Dave presented a unique production titled ‘Shabad Parikrama’. Starting from Gujarat, the performance gave the audience a glimpse of the music from all across the nation. The presentation was an interesting blend of instruments like piano, percussion, chello, uddu and kartal. Hardik’s interaction with the audience while performing was a cherry on top, taking them on the journey of all the territorial music that were a part of the performance.

Not seen very frequently in Gujarati comedy, Shrujal Doshi’s group act dabbled with an interesting genre of comedy called Improv, which is very popular among the youngsters. The format basically included the comedians asking the audience to give them a situation and then performing on the same accordingly on the spot. The audience in between also asked them to switch their roles back and forth, making it challenging and very entertaining for the viewers. The crowd thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this act by giving funny prompts to the performers on stage.

Rakesh Wani’s ‘Lay Shikhar’ was a lovely fusion of soulful music complimented by aspects of dance. The composition used numerous instruments like as tabla, sitar, sarod, multi percussions, and flute to convey the strength of soulful music. Many Raagas of Indian classical music were performed with the various Lay kaari such as Vilambit, Madhya, and Dhrut lay. The performance was a complete definition of music- “Sangeet- A samanavy of Gaayan (Vocala) Vaadan (Instruments) and Nritya (Dance)” as beautiful Kathak dance pieces were also a part of the performance.

In the last show of the day, Singer P M Kumar believed that everyone has a life, but who is going to decide what their life will be like? With his performance ‘The Voice Within’, he attempted to throw light on the answer to this question. The mystifying production talked about a young boy’s inner struggle and his conflict with the expectations of society. A nearing narration of his personal life, Kumar beautifully choreographed the story of his journey of becoming a Bharatnatyam dancer and being accepted by the society as a successful person. The dance performance was gracefully presented by Kumar himself along with his students, leaving a mark on the audience.

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