Simpl aims to onboard over 2,000 merchants in 3 years to empower the D2C businesses in Gujarat

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Simpl aims to onboard over 2,000 merchants in 3 years to empower the D2C businesses in Gujarat. Simpl, India’s foremost Merchant First Checkout Network, today announced its plan to onboard over 2,000 Direct-to-Customer (D2C) merchants from Gujarat over the next 3 years to empower the state’s fast growing startup ecosystem and fulfil the evolving requirements of customers from across the country. This assumes significance as Gujarat has one of the fastest growing startup bases including D2C merchants in the country and Simpl aims to support them through its state-of-the-art checkout network which includes its industry-first 1-tap payment to fastrack their growth.

Commenting on the development, Nitya Sharma, Co-founder & CEO, Simpl, said, “With thousands of D2C merchants across the country using Simpl’s checkout network and our industry-first 1-tap payment to millions customers, we have emerged as a preferred partner for growth for these merchants. We are now looking to aggressively expand our platform to a larger set of D2C brands in states like Gujarat which has one of the fastest growing startup bases in the country. We are looking to onboard over 2,000 startups from the state in the next 3 years to equip them with the right technological solutions to offer a seamless e-commerce experience to their customers”. He shared this on the sidelines of the 9th chapter of its community event, D2C Unlocked titled ‘Aapnu Gujarat’ held at CIIE Campus on 4 May 2023, in collaboration with IIM- Ahmedabad.

This is part of Simpl’s larger vision to accelerate merchant onboarding from across the country to emerge as a true enabler of e-commerce in the country. Currently, over 26,000 merchants use Simpl to offer a seamless checkout experience to millions of customers across the country. This growing set of merchants using Simpl’s checkout network are able to increase customer conversion, improve retention and reduce costs associated with Cash-on-Delivery through its 1-tap checkout experience. This enables merchants to build trust with customers and offer a uniform and simplified user experience to millions of customers.

Simpl has been actively involved in community building efforts through initiatives like the D2C Unlocked which aims to bring together small and large D2C brands and merchants from across sectors for knowledge sharing. The  ‘Aapnu Gujarat’ event held today saw footfalls from dozens of D2C brands and merchants including Sulay Lavsi, Co-Founder of fast growing innerwear brand, Bummer; Shaili Sakhpara, Founder of online jewellery retailer Mortantra and Siddhartha Nangia, Co-Founder of sampling products provider Smytten among others where they discussed the evolving trends and challenges surrounding Customer Acquisition and Market Research Strategies.

At the event, the D2C founders were also informed about Simpl’s Booster Package which provides a range of services to its community partners including exclusive access to credit, marketing and legal services and many more to support their business needs. These initiatives are aimed at creating a trusted ecosystem of D2C merchants that offer their customers high-quality products and a seamless payment experience.

The D2C sector in India has seen enormous growth in recent years, with consumers increasingly turning to online shopping and the rise of social media platforms. According to Mordo Intelligence report, the D2C industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 34.5 percent during 2022-2027. This opens up a huge opportunity for D2C merchants and therefore, becomes imperative to support them on multiple fronts including credit access, discoverability and seamless payments and Simpl aims to be at the forefront of enabling this change.

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