Steps towards a self-reliant India For the first time in India Hathi Masala launch Simultaneous of 11 new merchandise

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With more than 100 products of “Hathi Masala” now available in more than 50 countries, now leading the country in the field of spices with over 70 years of experience and known for its quality and reliability. Launched 11 products. Hathi Chili Flakes, Hathi Oregano Mix, Hathi Piri Piri Mix, Hathi Noodle Spice, Hathi Chaat Masala, Hathi Soda Spice, Hathi Frames Spice, Hathi Resham Hing, Hathi Jaljira Zitka, Hathi Hingastak Powder, Hathi Buttermilk masala Includes jar. It may be mentioned that Hathi Masala will now produce Indian spices as well as foreign products in the field of spices in the country and also in Gujarat.

In this regard, Mr. Sagarbhai Duble of Hathi Masala said, “We are happy to launch all the indigenous products in India as Hathi Masala has been delivering the best quality, world class packaging, and excellent taste to its customers and satisfying the needs of the customers.

All these products have been launched for the first time only after successfully passing the laboratory test and can be used from 6 months to 1 year. It is to be mentioned that these products will provide employment to about 30 to 40 women each. He further said that the company is fully prepared for the fact that Hathi Masala is now going to be produced in the foreign product sector as well. The main reason behind launching international products available in the international market is to deliver world class products of the best quality to the customers at home.

These Hathi Masala products include Hathi Chili Flakes, Hathi Oregano Mix and Hathi Piri Piri Mix. The specialty of Chile Flakes is that it contains a reasonably spicy, natural color, perfect blend so that the chances of acidity are negligible. It also tastes and smells so good that using it makes the dish very nice.

Hathi Piri Piri Mix is ​​a famous and high flavored Mexican flavor that Hathi Masala has now brought to Indians. It can be used to make noodles, leafy vegetables, potato-banana chips, sprinkles on top of fries, snacks, etc. and can also be mixed into vegetables. Available in small two gram sachets can be used one-time.

While the king of the Italian test is the mix of Hathi oregano. Can be used in pizza, pasta, garlic bread, noodles. This makes the dish very tasty. The oregano mix contains ingredients like thyme, basil, garlic, pepper, chilli, salt. The goal of Hathi Masala behind the launch of such a product is to easily deliver the best and original Mexican and Italian flavors to the customers.

For the first time in India, “Hathi Resham Hing”, a very natural and culinary ingredient without artificial colors, has been introduced. Which is made from the finest genuine and strong hing juice of Afghans. The amount of hing juice is higher and the price is lower than the hing available in the market. It takes 10 to 15 days to produce this resham hing in which hing is made while hing is processed in 5 to 6 steps. Everyone is subjected to laboratory tests. This wonderful and different kind of hing can be added to any dish. Which is Available in 50 gram and 100 gram packs in Eco packs, the company offers 10% and 50% free hing.

Hathi Masala has launched the only brand of pickle masala called “Instant Achar Masala Sprinkler Jar” for pickled Indians. Which is also scientifically graded. This travel pack can be easily carried on the trip and can also be sprinkled on a variety of dishes including khakra, khichhu, raw vegetables.

While Hathi soda masala is prepared with more than 50 osadia. Whose digestive power is increased with unparalleled test, stomach is cleansed. At home only sachets and soda freeze instant soda is ready. In the same way, jaljira jatka provides a bitter sweet taste, which speeds up digestion.

Hathi hingastak powder is able to provide freshness to the body. Also useful in Ayurvedic way, this hingastak powder can be used with chas or fruits.

While the savory spicy Hathi fries masala has been launched in mini packing for home consumption instead of coming in institutional packing. This can lead to spicy fries at home. Similarly Hathi chaat masala, Hathi buttermilk masala and Hathi noodle seasoning are health enhancers, instant test boosters, hygienically packaged, without artificial colors as well as potty flavored Indians.

In addition, Hathi Masala has also launched cumin powder and anise powder. Cumin powder can be made into many dishes, including vegetables. While fennel powder can be used to soothe the body, it can also be used in syrups, drinks, etc.

R&D was conducted extensively and extensively at home and abroad before the company launched the product. The company wants to deliver the best world class taste to Indians with these products. That is why the one-time use packets of all the products have been released by Hathi Masala keeping in view the convenience of a large number of people. Hathi Masala has created all these 11 products while maintaining a balance between foreign and original Indian flavors. The products are characterized by consistent flavor, balanced spicyness, more than 10 ingredients, an advanced blend of herbs and spices. In the near future, various Indian and foreign Anera spices are planned to be delivered to the consumers through Hathi Masala. At the same time, the cpompany is expecting a growth of 20% as a result of the launch of the new product. 

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