The QX Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2023

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Thank you for your continued support of the QX Global Group. I am happy to share the second
edition of our CSR Report covering 2023.

FRANK ROBINSON ,Group Chief, Executive Officer

The adaptability and sustainability of our business model has allowed us to grow this year. In
February 2022, we acquired Chazey Partners, a global management consulting and advisory firm.
With this acquisition, we have been able to implement a strategy focused on differentiating our
solutions and growing our expertise in consulting, enterprise-wide technology enablement, and
geographic expansion into new regions like Mexico.

We have continued to invest in our 3,250 people, our digital capability solutions and our brand — all
of which have driven our growth in North American markets. Digital transformation is changing
the way we do business and playing an increasingly important role in our daily lives. QX is strongly
positioned to help organisations across the globe navigate this shift and rapidly transform their
business operations using our three-pronged approach of People, Process and Platform.
This year, we have also laid special emphasis on creating a positive social and environmental impact
in everything we do for ourselves and our clients. Our 2023 CSR Report specifies the areas we
extensively focused on this year as part of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals
(SDGs). This includes reducing poverty, uplifting the lives of people affected by war or disaster,
changing lives of disabled people, and fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace.
While in the last few years, we have continued to deliver on our promises to our clients to manage
the crisis, this year was all about improving the future. Our PRECISE Core Values guide us on how
we work and they continue to be applied in everything we do. This year was a very exciting one
for us as we entered Everest Group’s Finance and Accounting Outsourcing (FAO) and Contingent
Workforce Management (CWM) PEAK Matrices® Assessment 2023. Building on this momentum,
we were also recognized as a Great Place to Work® by the institute. We scored high on qualities
including trust, pride, and culture.
Our commitment towards Corporate Social Responsibility has been firm. We want to thank our
team members from all over the world, our clients, stakeholders and everyone who continues to
support us and help us build a sustainable future where we can all live safely and happily

Best regards

Frank Robinson

Group CEO

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