Torrent Gas cuts PNG and CNG prices by Rs. 5

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 Torrent Gas today announced that it has reduced the price of CNG and domestic PNG by Rs. 5 per kg and Rs 5 per scm respectively with effect from 17th August 2022 across all geographical areas where it is present.

Reduction in prices has been made possible due to increased allocation of domestic natural gas by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas. Under the revised guidelines of Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas for allocation of gas to domestic PNG and CNG segments of CGD sector, the share of domestic gas in the CGD sector requirement has been increased to 94% of the average consumption of April to June 22 quarter instead of the earlier allocation of 85% of the average consumption of Jan to March 22 quarter.

The reduction in prices, will bring significant relief to customers and will give further impetus to the adoption of Domestic PNG by households and CNG by vehicle owners. With this decrease, the revised price of Domestic PNG in Junagadh will be Rs. 47 per SCM ; (inclusive of taxes) representing a 26% discount to LPG and the revised price of CNG will be Rs.87 per Kg; (inclusive of taxes) representing a 40% discount to petrol.

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