Uber raises the bar on safety with 100,000+ drivers getting a vaccine shot

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Uber today announced that more than 100,000 drivers on its platform have received at least one COVID vaccine shot. This is part of the company’s INR 18.5 crore initiative to have 150,000 of the drivers on its platform vaccinated by year-end.

Uber has made rapid progress on driver vaccinations after announcing its first milestone last month. It has developed a robust tech-enabled validation process to authenticate each vaccination claim by matching driver details registered with Uber with drivers’ digital vaccination certificates extracted from CoWin.

Once this process is completed, drivers receive INR 400 for each of the two shots for time spent getting vaccinated. The company is fighting vaccine hesitancy among drivers by using in-app messages, videos and virtual meetings with medical experts to bust myths and spread awareness on vaccination benefits.

Uber’s support to the Indian government in containing the pandemic has been appreciated.

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