Ace Investor Ashish Kacholia Leads Consortium in Acquiring Stake in Prominent Plastic Fittings Manufacturer Bentlay Fittings Limited

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Ace Investor Ashish Kacholia Leads Consortium in Acquiring Stake in Prominent Plastic Fittings Manufacturer Bentlay Fittings Limited. Ace Investor and Value Picker Ashish Kacholia, a distinguished figure known for identifying growth companies at an early stage, leads a consortium in acquiring stake in Bentlay Fittings Limited, a leading player in the manufacturing of plastic pipe fittings. The transaction has been advised by Treecap Advisors Pvt. Ltd.

Bentlay Fittings Limited (BFL) is an unlisted company that has gained recognition for its expertise in producing comprehensive range of plastic pipe fittings including, Polyethylene (PE) Electrofusion Fittings, Butt Fusion Fittings, Compression Fittings etc. BFL manufactures a wide range of sophisticated fittings for plastic pipes at its manufacturing plant in Ahmedabad, offering complete pipe fitting solutions vide its High-Density Polyethylene (‘HDPE’) and PP fitting systems for more than 10 years. These products find applications in government water supply projects, effluent treatment, slurry transfers, agriculture, city gas distribution, pressurized irrigation, industrial applications, etc.

Investor Ashish Kacholia and his group has picked up a significant stake leading other marquee investors in fresh and first round of dilution for the closely held Ahmedabad-based Bentlay Fittings Limited. Notable investors in the first round include Ashibhadarsh Ventures Pvt. Ltd. and Satyendra Packaging Group alongside Ace Investor Ashish Kacholia. This strategic investment underscores the investors’ confidence in the unique capabilities and growth potential of BFL within the Pipes and Fittings Industry.

Treecap Advisors Pvt. Ltd., headquartered in Ahmedabad, is the advisory force behind the transaction. Specializing in a wide array of financial services such as Debt Syndication, Equity Fund Raising, IPO & SME IPO advisory, Tax Advisory, Private Equity, Project Financing, Valuation, Startup Advisory, M&A, and Govt. Grants, Treecap Advisors has been instrumental in facilitating this deal. The firm played a pivotal role in connecting with investors, orchestrating negotiations with the investor consortium, and offering comprehensive consultation throughout the deal process, including equity valuation, documentation and successful closure of the transaction.

Ashish Kacholia expressed optimism about the collaboration, stating that the decision to acquire a stake in Bentlay Fittings Limited aligns with their strategy of investing in innovative and forward-thinking companies that produce world class technological products in India to meet the infrastructure needs of the nation.

“We are thrilled to partner with Bentlay Fittings Limited, a company at the forefront of manufacturing plastic pipe fittings. The decision to acquire a stake is a testament to our confidence in the company’s leadership, the quality of its products, and its potential for future growth,” said Ashish Kacholia.

The Company has ongoing capex aimed at expanding its plastic fittings business and actively working on the establishment of a new venture to manufacture composite PSP pipes under its wholly-owned subsidiary. This strategic move reflects the company’s commitment to both enhancing its existing plastic fittings segment and venturing into innovative markets with the introduction of Composite PSP pipes through a dedicated subsidiary. The present funding round is expected to provide the Company with additional resources to expand its production capabilities, diversify business, grow market presence, and pursue research and development initiatives to remain at the forefront of technology in the pipes and fittings industry.

Mr. Piyush J. Shah, Director of Bentlay Fittings Limited, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “We welcome Investor Ashish Kacholia as a strategic partner and shareholder. This investment not only validates the strength of our business model but also positions us for accelerated growth in the competitive plastic pipes and fittings market. We look forward to leveraging Ashish’s expertise in the capital market as we embark on this exciting journey together.”

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