Dharavi TDR sale conceived during 2018 tender process

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The decision to allow Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) for the Dharavi redevelopment project and its sale across the city was conceptualised during the 2018 tender process, said a spokesperson for the Dharavi Redevelopment Project Pvt Ltd of which Adani Realty is the lead developer.

Critizising Congress for terming it a Diwali gift to the Adani Group, the spokesperson said this was a condition put as part of the tender by the previous MVA government and it was clear that there was no keenness to cause change for the better at Dharavi, including creating more jobs.

The tender conditions mention that 50% of TDR require.The TDR provisions are as per the government resolution issued on September 28, 2022, and only administrative process of notification is being followed Spokesperson | DRPPL

comments for real estate project within BMC limits are to be fulfilled with TDR generated from Dharavi project. “But government… has decided to cap it at 40%. Adani Group continues to be committed to Dharavi redevelopment,” said the spokesperson. TNN

In written statement by spokesperson of Dharavi Redevelopment Project Pvt. Ltd or DRPPL.( The DRPPL is a SPV between Adani Group and the state government)

“It is unfortunate that some people are attempting to manufacture a controversy around TDR generation from the Dharavi Redevelopment Project (DRP). We believe this is being done at the deliberate behest of certain vested interests who hope to derail or, at least delay, the long cherished dreams of Dharavi’s people for a better future.

Generation of TDR within the Dharavi Notified Area (DNA) was permitted since the Government Resolution (GR) of 2018. It was further modified in the GR of 2022. Both these developments happened prior to the issuance of the 2022 tender, which was won through open and fair competition. In the present, all that the government is doing is currently notifying this as a due process.

In fact, the GR issued before the onset of the 2018 tendering process had a provision for the sale of TDR generated from the DRP across Mumbai. The GR introduced in September 2022, before the tendering process commenced, introduced two vital changes.” Importantly, these changes were available for due diligence to all the bidders. Contrary to the claim that these policy changes are going to benefit a single entity, the final notification from the government has, in fact, capped the minimum usage of TDR in other projects at 40% instead of 50%, as mentioned in the September 2022 GR.

Additionally, the government notification of 7 November 2023 also puts a cap on the pricing of TDR. While there was no restriction earlier on the sale price of the TDR generated from the DNA, the government has now restricted the maximum sale price of TDR to be 90% of the ready reckoner rate of receiving plots to avoid any arbitrary pricing of TDR. To make the TDR process fully transparent, the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai will develop a portal where TDR generated from the project will be uploaded and updated in real-time.

The baseless and malicious allegations of ‘tweaking’ and amendments to suit selected bidders’ do not do justice to the regulatory transparency of the process. Alleging favouritism of any kind is a mischievous ploy to muddy the waters and divert attention from our goal of transformational urban management.

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