Fast growing e-tailer DealShare launches “DealShare Dost”, disburses more than INR 8 lakhs to customers in just 2 months

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Fast growing e-tailer DealShare launches “DealShare Dost”, disburses more than INR 8 lakhs to customers in just 2 months. DealShare, one of the fastest growing e-tailers, who is anchoring the concept of community group buying in India, today announced that their referral program DealShare Dost has enabled more than 26,000 customers to earn regular income. The program helps customers to earn up to INR 30,000 per month, while buying household essentials.

All that a customer needs to do is to refer another person. Launched two months ago, the program has garnered significant interest from all the 35 cities that DealShare operates in and the company has already rolled out more than INR 8 lakh as cash rewards to the consumers.  

Elaborating about the initiative, Mr Vineet Rao, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, DealShare, said, “DealShare Dost is an extension of the brand’s belief and efforts to offer our customers, the low- and middle-income group, with products and initiatives that add value to their daily lives. What concerns this community of consumers i.e. Bharat – the middle to low income group and the new to internet user group, is to have the opportunity to save more without compromising on the quality of their purchases. DealShare has enabled consumers to avail this since our inception in 2018. Now with DealShare Dost, we have taken the value addition that we offer to the next level. We have enabled them to buy quality products at price points that they can afford and also an opportunity to earn, through a ‘simple click and re-share mechanism. In fact, it is a win-win situation and we are confident the program will be a game changer for the e-commerce industry. Most of these registered referral consumers are from the Sec C/D/E socio economic background and earn an average income of INR 15000 to INR 20000 per month. Through this program they can easily double their income and improve their lifestyle. With the right efforts, we are optimistic that we will be able to have 1 lakh registered partners by the end of this year”.

In this program, customers can share deals and offers with their community/friends/family, over Whatsapp/Facebook by simply clicking and re-sharing the offer. Once the referred person purchases a product on DealShare, the referee consumer can earn incentives. The incentives can be redeemed either as discounts on the platform or as cash, which will be deposited in the bank account of their choice.

Sharing more details about the mechanism of the referral program, Mr Sourjyendu Medda, Founder, Chief Business Officer and Chief Finance Officer, DealShare, said, “Our product assortments are home essentials which every household requires and hence our Dosts need not do any hard selling. The product utility makes it very easy to gain.  Through this program a consumer who does regular referrals can earn up to INR 30000 in a month. This is a one of a kind referral program structured to give buyers a straight up cash incentive. What more, it is not just for the first order the referring person stands to gain, customers who are part of the program get a commission on every order that their referrals make, making the program a steady stream for income generation.”

Currently, there are more than 30000 registered consumers who are actively participating. DealShare’s overall consumer base is currently close to 25 lakh and the company is adding 150,000 customers every month with a focused approach in Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Karnataka and NCR.

This new model will also enable the brand to amplify their growth and market expansion strategy at a low marketing costs. “Incentive driven consumer initiatives like these are very lucrative as they help to multiply the consumer base and expand reach and footprint to the right audience, without the need to incur high marketing costs. Not just this, the initiative has also influenced an increase in the average cart value of everyday purchases. The average cart value jumped from INR 500 to INR 800 in the last one year and with the spending potential of consumers increasing further, this will continue to spike in the coming year as well”, added Mr Medda.

Naresh, a DealShare reseller from Ahmedabad, who has earned more than to INR 40,000, shared his recent experience, “I work in a factory in Ahmedabad. My earnings are around 12-15k/month. I use DealShare to buy my daily grocery items because of the discounted prices.  It was 2 months ago that I heard about DealShare Dost Program, so I registered myself. I also started sharing deals from the DealShare app with my friends & family on Whatsapp. The average earning that I make through DealShare in a month is close to INR 25,000. The lockdown had affected my earnings drastically but now I am able to supplement the same.”

DealShare recorded a 5X growth in FY 20-21 fiscal and in March 2021, the company crossed annual GMV run rate of $150M fulfilling more than 10 lakh orders and serving 3 lakh customers, despite the disruption in the ecosystem due to the pandemic. Operating on a discovery led model, DealShare allows customers to not only buy for themselves, but also to share deals with their friends encouraging community commerce.

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