OPPO sets new quality standards with its Reno6 Series smartphone

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  • For OPPO, product quality is a topmost priority.
  • Each device goes through 150+ tests to ensure quality devices for users
  • Reno6 series devices, for instance, were dropped 28,000 times from a height of 10 centimeters, which is more than the 5,000-10,000 times typically adopted in the industry

OPPO India sets new benchmarks for quality every day. As testament to its commitment, its Reno6 series smartphones isput through 150 rigorous quality tests includingenvironmental tests, mechanical stress tests, durability tests, and performance tests.

OPPO QE Reliability Lab,established at the Greater Noida factory,is set up to maintain highquality across itsproduct portfolio. From the onset of the product’s development right until it is mass produced, the QE Reliability Lab adheres to the strictest standards. 

Mr. TasleemArif, VP, and R&D Head OPPO India said, “Stability and reliability form the core foundations of an enjoyable smartphoneexperience. Aligned with our brand visionof Technology for Mankind, Kindness for the World,  we have always taken product quality as a cornerstone of our sustainable, long-term development.Weare committed to represent quality without compromise, and all our products result from tireless efforts towards quality testing. Our focus is to empower users with premium devices that can endure bumps and spills and even exceed usersdurability requirements”.

To deliver industry-leading reliability experience, OPPO’smost recently launched Reno6 Series smartphones is subjected toone of the most vigouroustesting processes in the industry:Drop Tests,Waterproofing Tests, Environment Adaptability Testing, ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) Tests, Temperature Tests, Press Tests, Durability Tests, etc.All these tests are designed to evaluate how the devices will perform during normal day-to-day use.

Drop Test

For instance, dropping your phone on the ground is one thing but dropping it into water presents a whole new set of problems. To test the water resistance, the Reno6 series was tested underwater at a depth of 20 centimeters for 30 seconds.To test the phone’s USB and headphone inputs, USB cables and headphone jacks were inserted 10,000 times each, at varying angles. The USB input was also tested by swinging the device from an attached USB cable 5,000 to 10,000 times using a 3kg force.

Environmental Work Test

With OPPO’s Environmental Work Test, this involves storing the phone at a low temperature, from as low as -40°C, to warm conditions at 75°C for 7 days (168 hours)– more than double the industry standard of 3 days (72 hours), The phone is also tested at intense humidity and temperature (95% humidity at 65°C) for 14 days (336 hours), which is also more than double the industry standard of 3 days (72 hours).

Rain Test


Further, OPPO OTA Lab conducts rigorous tests on the radiation efficiency of the phone’s antennas and also on thevarious network bands including 5G to ensure its seamless trouble-free operability, anywhere in the country.

The brand’s belief in human-centricity ensures that user experience is at the heart of everything it does. As OPPO strives to guarantee a reliable experience for its users, it never cuts corners when designing and testing products according to the strictest standards.

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