Galaxy Surfactants launches their new Homecare brand Galaxy Hearth

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Galaxy Surfactants launches their new Homecare brand Galaxy Hearth. Galaxy Surfactants Limited (NSE GALAXYSURF), a leading manufacturer of performance surfactants and specialty care products with over 205 product grades used in Home and Personal Care industry, today announced the launch of specialized homecare brand ‘Galaxy Hearth™’ focused particularly for the new normal world demands of consumers. Galaxy Hearth™ is also based on the fundamental premise of pioneering high sustainability enabling considerations of FMCG brands catering to homecare solutions popularly labelled under laundry category. 

The value proposition of Galaxy Hearth™ encompasses critical elements of being safe, sustainable, value enhancing and flexibility to be customizable for specific requirements of homecare product brands. Thus, in effect, Galaxy Hearth™ provides the much-needed one-stop solution for ingredient requirements of the homecare industry. Furthermore, with hygiene and safe products attaining prime importance in end-consumer scrutiny, Galaxy Hearth™ is formulated to serve the homecare expectations of a new normal world.

Galaxy Hearth™ portfolio has sustainable solutions for homecare applications such as Laundry, Dish-wash, Hard Surface Care, and Institutional & Industrial Cleaning. Manufacturers of homecare products who are interested in creating their unique, safe, and sustainable formulations can look forward to enhanced performance through the wide range of products the hearth portfolio offers.

The Hearth Range comprises surfactants, wetting agents, viscosity builders, emulsifiers, preservatives, foam enhancers, pearlisers, and many more such solutions. Combined with four decades of formulation expertise posed by Galaxy Surfactants Ltd., these ingredients are a perfect solution for all homecare manufacturing needs.

Sustainability is at the core of all innovations at Galaxy Surfactants Ltd. The raw materials used are majorly of plant origin. The ingredients are not tested on animals, are cruelty-free and are therefore, perfect for brands that claim to be vegan in nature. Galaxy Hearth™ products are biodegradable and are compatible with all innovative, new-age formats. Products such as the Galaxy Hearth™, Mix Pods and Galaxy Hearth™ Mix LLDC, address this trend. The portfolio also has multiple performance-enhancing ingredients for various applications.

Lastly the brand promise offered by Galaxy Hearth™ is based on the 3Es framework namely ease, expertise and environment friendly thereby scoring high on latent demands of homecare manufacturers.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. K.K. Natarajan, Executive Director & COO, Galaxy Surfactants Ltd. said, “The domain of homecare ecosystem has evolved rapidly in the recent years and the new normal world has further expedited this onward momentum. In an era of well-informed and environment conscious consumer world, radical shifts in the ingredient landscape is the need of the hour.

Galaxy Hearth™ is conceptualised to set a benchmark in innovation within the homecare segment. We look forward to partner with responsible brands in the space to propagate not only high-quality driven ingredient solutions but also contribute towards larger environment cause.” 

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