Hinduja Global Solutions wins contract from the UK Health Security Agency to provide civil services

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Hinduja Global Solutions wins contract from the UK Health Security Agency to provide civil services.Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS) (listed on BSE & NSE) today announced that its subsidiary HGS UK Limited has been selected by the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) to provide critical customer support to UK citizens for an initial period of two years, with an option to extend further. The partnership is already underway having launched earlier last week, and the contract could be worth up to £211 million (Rs. 2,100 crores) across the term of the contract, employing over 2,000 Work@Home positions across the UK.

The UKHSA is responsible for NHS Test & Trace and this contract will assist with future contact tracing needs for Covid-19 and other health security risks such as a large flu outbreak or new pandemic.

The advertised cost of the contract is the maximum that can be spent, and the total could be less.

Over the last decade, HGS has developed and grown its partnership with the UK government, with this becoming its biggest-ever win in the public sector to date, drawing on a foundation of excellence created by the UK business delivering existing public sector campaigns across the country.

“HGS has been successfully operating in the UK market for over 10 years. While revenues for year ended March 21 were approx. GBP 67 million, in the nine months ended Dec 21, HGS UK more than doubled their revenues to GBP 87 million. Our public sector business has been a key part of this success story with some marquee clients. The significant investments we have made in strengthening our expertise in this vertical, focused sales strategy, Cloud technology, and deployment of Work@Home delivery have enhanced our presence in this demanding market. The UKHSA engagement is a fantastic addition to the UK business, both from a growth and complexity perspective,” saidPartha DeSarkar, Executive Director and Group CEO, HGS.    

Adam Foster, CEO, HGS Europe added, “I’m beyond proud that HGS will be supporting the UK government in its effort to exit and recover from the pandemic. Winning this opportunity is a credit to the past 10 years of expansion of the UK business, and the public sector expertise we’ve developed and have become recognised for.

HGS appreciates the trust that has been placed by the government and the responsibility to ensure that the public receives the exceptional services that they expect and deserve. This award reflects the company’s continued investment in public sector expertise, delivery capability, and infrastructure and its unique ability to compete with and in many cases outperform key competitors in the UK public sector space.

Our partnership with UKHSA and the responsibility this has bestowed on HGS isn’t being taken lightly. We understand the reality of the requirement and are confident in our ability to deliver service of the utmost quality,” said Graham Brown, Chief Revenue Officer, HGS UK. 

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