Naapbooks Limited Eleventh company to get listed on BSE Startups Platform

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BSEbecame the first stock exchange to get the approval from SEBI and launch its Startups platform on 22nd December, 2018.

Naapbooks Limited became 11th company to get listed on the BSE Startup Platform on September 15, 2021. Naapbooks Limited came out with an initial public offering of 5,39,200 Equity Shares of Rs.10/- Each (“Equity Shares”) For Cash At a Price Of Rs. 74/- Per Equity Share (The “Offer Price”), Aggregating to Rs.3.99 Cr. The company has successfully completed its public issue on September 06, 2021.

Naapbooks Limited is a Gujarat based company whose registered office is at Ahmedabad. Company is engaged in the business of developing and providing Information Technological solutions to corporates for their requirements. The company develops and provides Fintech App, Cloud Consulting, Block chain App, Mobile App, Web App, Embedded App products to its clients. The services broadly covers designing, developing, operating, install installing analyzing, designing, maintaining, converting, porting, debugging, coding and programming software to be used on computer or any microprocessor-based device or any other such hardware.

Ahmedabad based GYR Capital Advisors Private Limited was the lead manager for Naapbooks Limited.

The 10 companies listed on BSE Startups Platform have raised Rs. 34.62 crores from the market and total market capitalization of these companies as on September 14, 2021 is 142.75 Crores. BSE is the market leader in this segment with a market share of 100 percent.

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