Plant a tree to immortalise the cherished memory of a loved one

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Social organisation personalises its afforestation mission by helping people pay a green tribute to the departed

The manifestations of climate change are upon us even as deforestation and disruptive human activities continue to alter the natural rhythms of the earth. The United Nations General Assembly has created the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG) to mainstream constructive and far-reaching change but achieving these goals requires governments, social organisations and communities to work is one such social organisation that has been striving to create such synergies through collaborative afforestation activities. By engaging with corporate entities, rural communities and individuals, has planted millions of trees across India since 2010. And now  is personalising its afforestation mission by including heartfelt gestures of memorialisation.

Bikrant Tiwary, CEO, Grow-Trees says, “Our latest initiative entails the planting of trees in the sacred city of Bodh Gaya, Bihar, which has immense spiritual significance for believers of many faiths. There is a belief that praying for ancestors here, can provide them ‘Moksha’ or deliverance from the cycle of life and death. Planting trees in  the memory of the departed  is particularly meaningful considering Bodh Gaya is also  where Lord Buddha gained enlightenment under a tree.”

He says, restoring the earth is the greatest challenge of our time and’s mission is to augment and increase green cover wherever afforestation has wreaked havoc. He says, “Planting trees is the simplest way to promote the well-being of the planet, regulate urban temperatures, bolster the rural economy, expand habitats, create carbon sinks and manage stormwater. With personalised projects like the one in Bodh Gaya, we give individuals a chance to nourish the earth as well as  pay  homage to a loved one and memorialise their life.”  

With the upcoming 15-day long Pitru Paksha Mela (20th September to 5th October), believers would be paying their respects to their departed loved ones in different ways but what could be better than immortalising a tribute by planting a tree?

As Bikrant says, “This gesture not only honours the past but also creates a healthier and happier future for the generations of tomorrow. Planting a tree is an investment in the planet and like a beautiful memory, it also enriches our existence in so many ways. We hope, more and more people  realise the profound impact that even a single tree can have on our lives and on the environment.” is a social organisation that since 2010, has globally facilitated the planting of millions of trees and initiated massive afforestation efforts. also creates low-skill jobs, has a direct impact on carbon reduction, on the up-gradation of water catchment areas,  the wellbeing of local communities and all living creatures.

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