Supradyn’s first-ever consumer campaign encourages them to reach their 100% potential every day

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Supradyn’s first-ever consumer campaign encourages them to reach their 100% potential every day. Supradyn ® , the iconicmultivitamin brandowned by Bayer’s Consumer Health division in India, has
relaunched with a new campaign ‘ SahiPoshan Harr Din, KhaneKeSaathSupradyn ’addressing consumers in
India directly for the first-time in its sixty-year legacy.

Conceived by Lowe Lintas, the campaign is rooted in the insight that an average Indian diet meets only up to 70% of one’s daily nutrition requirement,according to 9 out of 10 doctors and nutritionists from urban India in a recent survey conducted by the brand. The campaign aims to create awareness on how this deficit can be overcome byadding a multi-vitamin to our daily diet and positions Supradyn ® as the go-to solution to unlock one’s 100% potential every day.

Sandeep Verma, Country Head, India, Bayer Consumer Health Division,said “This marks an important
milestone for Supradyn ® which has built a trustworthy relationship with doctors and healthcare professionals over the years. We are now happy to also address the consumers directly for the first time in the brand’s six-decade legacy, leading discussions and creating awareness in the nutrition and multivitamin-multimineral category. Our campaign brings to light Supradyn’s role in complementinga
healthy diet, which provides only up to 70% nutrition, thereby bridging this nutrition gap and providing more
energy and immunity every day.”
Talking about the campaign, Ritu Mittal, Head – Marketingand Digital, Bayer Consumer Health India,
said, “The pandemic situation has reset our priorities, bringing health and wellness to the forefront. With the
launch of this ‘first-ever’ Supradyn ® campaign in India, we intend to educate our consumers on the
micronutrient insufficiency in their diets in a relevant and memorable way. We want to encourage them to
take One Supradyn Daily tablet every day for improving their energy levels and boosting immunity. The
campaign ‘SahiPoshan Harr Din, KhaneKeSaathSupradyn’ will encompass all modes of media mix with a
strong focus on digital.”
The campaign film highlights how simple daily activities may seem like mammoth tasks when a diet is
unable to meet the body’s daily nutritional requirements. It finds its protagonist in the average woman of
today, aptly named ‘Miss 70’, who is able to give at most 70% output despite putting in her 100% effort due
to the wide nutrition gap, leaving her not only low on energy for most part of the day, but also more prone to
falling sick.
Tasneem Ali, Executive Director, Lowe Lintas said,”We are delighted to be a part ofSupradyn’s
relaunch, a milestone in itself,that brings to light a relevant conversation in a simple yet memorablemanner.
The past year and a half have changed the way we look at our health and wellness, showing us how our
diet cannot be solely relied upon to maintain energy and boost immunity. Our campaign hence startsa
relevant conversation highlighting relatable concerns to draw the curtains onSupradyn’s improved
solutionthat helps you reach your 100% every day.”

The pan-India campaign aims at targeting young Indian consumers aspiring to live in their prime, across all
its key markets. The brand relaunch is supported with an upgrade in its formulation which now contains 5X
Zinc (as compared to the older formulation) and 12 essential vitamins for more energy and immunity. It is
now also available in a new and improved packaging which is more premium and contemporized.
The integrated campaignwhich went live earlier this week is being promoted via TV spots, digital ads and
other online and offline mediums.

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