The Piping and fitting industry reports exponential growth owing to high industrial demand

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The pipes and fitting industry has revolutionized in the past two years drastically. Pipe segment sales has grew 63% YoY, led by ~13.1%/44.2% increase in volumes/realisation. Volume growth was driven by demand from industrial, drainage, and plumbing pipes.

In the pipes and fittings business, ASTRAL’s volumes recovered 78% in Q1FY22 (v/s Q1FY20), outperforming peers operating in the category. ASTRAL has gained market share in the pipes business with pan India presence, which is reflected in its 13.1% sales volume growth in Q1FY22 (v/s majority players witnessing volume decline).

The success story of Astral started in late nineties when the company challenged the market and did unthinkable. There was a time when CPVC pipes were not accepted by the industry because of its inability to withstand hot water and effects of chemicals. This coupled with pricing, there was a lot of reluctance. At that instance, Astral introduced CPVC Pipes for industries as well as for households. Despite of resistance in the sector, Astral’s relentless efforts and push led the market accept the CPVC as a better piping solution which also can withstand hot water.

Today Astral sells CPVC pipes in the name of ‘CPVC Pro’ brand which has got highest number of approvals/certifications. It is approved by NSF, UPC and ISI and being produced adhering to highest quality standards.

Company’s innovation and products like ASTRAL CPVC PRO Pipes has made Astral as ‘Sabse Bharosemand Pipe’  brand in the country. It is manufactured from a compound that is carefully designed by Astral’s R&D and backed by own expertise of manufacturing CPVC piping system for last two decades, makes ASTRAL CPVC PRO unique and reliable.

Astral has been at the forefront of delivering not only high-quality plumbing products but also providing products for agriculture, for industries, for infrastructure, cable and fire protection etc. Astral has just entered into water storage tank category with India’s first Anti-Viral copper shield.

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