This Women’s Day, Nykaa Encourages Women To #JustSayThanks

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This Women’s Day, Nykaa Encourages Women To #JustSayThanks.Nykaa, India’s leading and most preferred beauty and lifestyle retailer, unveiled its latest campaign, #JustSayThanks to start a dialogue on women’s behavioral patterns when it comes to accepting compliments.

To understand this behavior, Nykaa conducted a study which revealed that a staggering 64% of women across India feel uncomfortable accepting compliments. They tend to doubt themselves, underplay their achievements, deflect the compliment, compliment in return, or not believe it at all!

In light of this revelation, Nykaa’s #JustSayThanks campaign aims to spark a conversation on women’s discomfort with praise and encourages them to own the compliments that come their way. 

Nykaa’s commitment goes beyond highlighting the statistic of women sidestepping compliments; it’s about creating safe spaces for women to openly acknowledge, discuss, and support each other in overcoming this behavior. Collaborations with influential voices like Faye D’Souza aim to address the issue head on. Renowned creators like Sakshi Shivdasani, Zervaan Bunshah, and Srishti Garg bring humor to the conversation, offering diverse perspectives on brushing off praise. Additionally, our work with the Moment Of Silence Podcast and Divija Bhasin aims to decode the reasons why women hesitate to accept compliments.

Commenting on the campaign, Nykaa said, “We are introducing the #JustSayThanks campaign, an initiative stemming from our survey on women’s discomfort with compliments and the subsequent patterns of deflection. As we approach Women’s Day, our message is loud and clear: we are creating a safe space for every woman to break free from these patterns, own their worth and we are here to remind her of that today and every day”

So, next time someone tells you that you’re killing it – don’t divert, instead #JustSayThanks! Join the conversation. Take the compliment quiz by Nykaa, accept the praise that comes your way, and win a special surprise!

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