From Fashion to Fitness: Gujarat’s top brands making waves in India

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Gujarat has emerged as a thriving hub for direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands that are gaining popularity
nationwide. Here’s a collection of leading brands from Gujarat spanning across industries, including fashion, health, accessories, and baby care. Trusted by consumers across the country for their high-
quality products, these brands can make a lasting impact on you. Simpl’s 1-tap checkout offers a
seamless checkout experience while shopping from all these interesting brands. Finest Egyptian cotton menswear for the scorching summers

India’s fastest-growing premium menswear brand, Hamercop offers a wide range of apparel made with
the finest Egyptian cotton, making each piece more breathable and absorbent in the scorching summer
heat. Crafted with an almost invisible 16-18 stitches per inch, each shirt is embellished with genuine
impeccable Hamercop colorful buttons. From shirts and trousers to short kurtas and Nehru jackets,
Hamercop provides the complete collection of menswear for all occasions. With their pan-India reach,
you can get any of their products, no matter where you are in the country.

Listening music through your eyes with smart eyewear For those who love fashion and technology equally, Just Corseca’s one-of-its-kind smart eyewear is hard to miss. Ever heard of listening to music through your glasses? Yes, it’s real and you can have that experience too. Just Corseca’s smart eyewear, with bluetooth connectivity, enables you to listen to music and make phone calls too. It also provides the option to add your own prescription glasses to it. In addition to being rainproof and sweatproof, the unique eyewear has a sleek, ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to wear for long hours.

Up your protein game For all the fitness enthusiasts out there, if you are looking for a reliable brand that caters to your fitness needs then Nutrabox can be your go-to option. Nutrabox offers 100% Whey Protein which is India’s first completely certified protein. India’s one of the few brands certified by Labdoor, Informed Choice, Clean Label Project & cologne list, Nutrabox has got you covered with its diverse range of products from whey protein and BCAAs to pre-workout supplements and multivitamins. With its unique feature of ‘shop by goals’ you can buy products according to what your current fitness goals are.

Safe and good quality products is what your baby needs When it comes to parenting, there are inherent challenges, but to make things easier for you R for Rabbit, a brand that specialises in innovative and safe baby products is all that a new parent needs. Built to combat the lack of safety-certified and good quality products in the market, this brand aims to bring premium quality, comfort and convenience at the right price for all babies.

Whether you require a stroller, car seat, high chair, baby carrier, or toys – R for Rabbit offers a comprehensive collection. Beat the sun in style with trendy sunglasses Sunglassic understands the impact that the right pair of shades can have on your overall look. A global eyewear brand, Sunglassic, provides the latest eye-wear products in all possible price ranges for everyone.

With casual sunglasses being the focus, the brand also provides safety glasses, prescription lenses as well as fashionable goggles. Made with high-quality materials, their sunglasses provide maximum comfort and protection. Whether you prefer aviators, wayfarers, round frames, or cat-eye frames, Sunglassic has the perfect pair for you.

Whether you’re looking for trendy apparels, fitness supplements, baby products, glasses, or latest tech-
enabled accessories, these brands have everything you need. So, put on your shopping hats and explore
the diverse offerings of these remarkable brands.

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