ManipalCigna Health Insurance launches ‘‘ManipalCigna Sahi Cover, Discover” calculator to help people choose the right health insurance coverage for their needs

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ManipalCigna Health Insurance launches ‘‘ManipalCigna Sahi Cover, Discover” calculator to help people choose the right health insurance coverage for their needs.

 ManipalCigna Health Insurance Company Limited, today announced the launch of ‘ManipalCigna Sahi Cover, Discover, a uniquely designed online calculator which is tailored to help people choose the right health insurance coverage for their needs.

ManipalCigna Sahi Cover, Discover, is an industry-first tailored calculator that can be accessed 24×7 anytime from anywhere and will assist customers in determining the appropriate level of health coverage. It is a highly innovative, online and time-saving product that allows users to determine the best health insurance plan for themselves and their families. One can also have their current health insurance coverage evaluated to see if it meets their healthcare financing needs or if they require additional coverage. Once the calculation is complete, the user also receives helpful health insurance plan recommendations that are in line with one’s coverage and requirements.

Speaking about the launch, Sapna Desai, Head of Marketing and Ecommerce, ManipalCigna Health Insurance Company Limited said, “We at ManipalCigna conducted an internal research with consumers which revealed that people are sometimes unable to determine the right amount of coverage for their health insurance. They fail to factor in variables like their location, family history, lifestyle, and current medical needs. It has also been observed that people often don’t understand the details of the amount they pay for coverage, and the lack of knowledge or accessibility to the right tools is to blame for this gap. As a result most people opt for health insurance plans that seem convenient because of low premiums and end up being under-insured. With our newly launched ‘ManipalCigna Sahi Cover, Discover’ customers now can put in all the relevant details that can impact health insurance to find the right health insurance plan and the right coverage amount for themselves and their families.”

The ManipalCigna Sahi Cover, Discover is truly a pioneering and revolutionary calculator that help users get a better understanding of the existing coverage they have paid for as well as about new health insurance policies. There are various benefits of ‘ManipalCigna Sahi Cover, Discover’ calculator including the following:

§  You may not always be sure of the suitable health insurance coverage that you require. Using ManipalCigna Sahi Cover, Discover Calculator will help you calculate the right amount of coverage that you require.

§  The calculator takes all aspects of your current lifestyle and circumstances into account before the final calculation.

§  From your health habits, exercise frequency, smoking/drinking habits and your age to your family history and location, everything is analyzed before suggesting the right coverage amount.

§  Get access to recommended healthcare insurance products in order to meet the coverage gap.

§  Helps you decide whether you require full coverage health insurance plans or any add-ons for instance. You get more information and confidence with regard to choosing the right insurance plan.

§  Get an idea of the costs of suitable healthcare coverage.

§  Learn about the ideal coverage at any stage and juncture in life and make sure that you are secured accordingly.

A health insurance coverage calculator is highly necessary for several reasons. Firstly, we often end up neglecting the actual amount of health coverage we need, even with growing families and changing treatment or future healthcare needs. Secondly, we do not have the right tool to estimate this actual coverage that we require. Thirdly, we do not always know how to fill up the coverage gap and ensure that we stay protected at all times. The coverage calculator caters to all these pressing requirements at your end. You can find out your desired health insurance coverage with a few clicks anywhere and anytime as per your convenience. To explore ManipalCigna Sahi Cover, Discover Calculator visit,

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