Over 1 lakh Indian Exporters now on Amazon Global Selling

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Over 1 lakh Indian Exporters now on Amazon Global Selling

Over 1 lakh Indian Exporters now on Amazon Global Selling. Amazon India today announced that over 1 lakh Indian exporters are now selling globally through its ecommerce exports program – Global Selling. The number of sellers has grown nearly 30% YOY since January 2020.

A large number of sellers on the program today come from non-metros and many of these businesses are first generation entrepreneurs and emerging brands. These exporters are showcasing over 140 million Made in India products to Amazon customers in 200+ countries and territories across the world; they have been able to build thousands of globally loved brands and have cumulatively crossed $3 billion in exports.

The program was started in 2015 with just 100 exporters and has today grown to be a key driver of ecommerce exports from India; it is designed to help Indian exporters reach customers worldwide through Amazon’s 17 international websites and marketplaces.

Since the start of the program, Amazon has been focused on creating the right infrastructure and ecosystem needed to enable businesses of all sizes to export from India using ecommerce. The company has been organizing on-ground events and workshops to help generate awareness on the benefits of e-commerce exports in key export clusters across India.

Amazon has been working with industry peers, trade associations, state, and central government bodies, and export councils to highlight the potential of e-commerce exports. Amazon has invested in creating tools and services to help the sellers succeed in selling internationally from India. Recently, Amazon has recently introduced regional language experience for sellers on Global Selling in the US marketplace.

Abhijit Kamra, Director, Global Trade Amazon India said,“It is heartening to witness the role that Amazon is playing in empowering Indian sellers to reach International markets and create global brands from India. Sellers from across the country are bestowing their trust in Amazon by adopting e-commerce exports to reach new heights. The Amazon Global Selling program has enabled more than one lakh Indian exporters to cross $3billion in cumulative exports, which showcases the demand for Indian-made products across the globe. We remain committed to making exports easy for Indian businesses and empowering them to tap into their true potential. We aim to enable $10 billion in e-commerce by 2025 and contribute to overall exports from India.”

Folkulture is a Mumbai based home decor brand run by husband-wife duo Chaiti Jain and Rinkesh Mishra. The business grew from within the confines of their home to a popular home decor label in the US market. It was one of the first businesses from India to join Amazon Global Selling in 2015. Chaiti Jain, co-founder of Folkulture says“Our journey began in 2015 and one of the first products we sold was to a customer in the US. Since then, we’ve been able to scale our business selling over 200 products across 10 categories and there’s been no looking back. Despite not having a local footprint and established network in the USA, we’ve been able to leverage e-commerce to become one of the top home decor brands selling in the market. Our business is growing 100% YoY and we are optimistic about continued growth and global expansion through Amazon.”

According to Nimisha Dhanda, Co-founder D’Moksha Homes – an exporter on Amazon Global Selling, “Traditionally, our industry has existed as a B2B industry, manufacturing and selling products to international brands from the West that had direct access and knowledge of the end-user. But thanks to Amazon and their Global Selling program, the geographic location of a brand is not a competitive edge or an unfair advantage anymore. Digital access is an equal opportunity for all, and we’re all placed on a level playing field. Thus, in a very short span, through the most turbulent pandemic-struck times, we’ve grown 5X YOY in the last couple of year and accrued 100%-dollar revenue for our homegrown brand D’Moksha Homes.”

More about Ecommerce Exports

Ecommerce exports or Direct to Customer (D2C) exports enables businesses to sell directly to customers globally. It helps them transcend boundaries and open a much larger pool of customers. It also provides an ‘easy to adopt and scale’ mechanism for MSMEs to grow their business outside India, without having any footprint locally in international markets and reducing dependence on intermediaries – bringing the ‘seller’ closer to the ‘customer’.

E-commerce creates a level playing field for any kind of business to access global markets. This allows businesses to test the waters and identify how products fit into the needs of customers in other cultures. By running experiments directly with customers in small quantities and with lower upfront investments, businesses can establish product-market fit as well as stress-test all-important operational aspects such as buying, shipping, and handling of returns

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